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from .. import eggwrapper as _eggwrapper
from .. import alphabets
from .. import _site
from .. import _freq

[docs]class ProbaMisoriented(object): """ Error rate of polymorphism orientation using an outgroup. :param align: an :class:`.Align` containing the sites to analyse. :param struct: a :class:`.Structure` instance. Only sites that are either variable within the ingroup or have a fixed difference with respect to the outgroup are considered. Sites with more than two different alleles in the ingroup, or more than one allele in the outgroup, are ignored. This function is an implementation of the method mentioned in Baudry and Depaulis (2003), allowing to estimate the probability that a site oriented using the provided outgroup have be misoriented due to a homoplasic mutation in the branch leading to the outgroup. Note that this estimation neglects the probability of shared polymorphism. If the instance is created with an alignment as constructor argument, then the statistics are computed. The method :meth:`.load_align` does the same from an existing :class:`!ProbaMisoriented` instance. Otherwise, individual sites can be loaded with :meth:`.load_site`, and then the statistics can be computed using :meth:`.compute` (the latter is preferable if generate :class:`.Freq` instances for an other use). .. admonition:: Reference Baudry, E. & F. Depaulis. 2003. Effect of misoriented sites on neutrality tests with outgroup. *Genetics*\ \xa0\ **165**\ : 1619-1622. .. versionadded:: 3.0.0 """ def __init__(self, align=None, struct=None): self._A = alphabets.DNA.get_code('A') self._C = alphabets.DNA.get_code('C') self._G = alphabets.DNA.get_code('G') self._T = alphabets.DNA.get_code('T') self._sd = _eggwrapper.SiteDiversity() self._site = _site.Site() self._freq = _freq.Freq() self.reset() if align is not None: self.load_align(align, struct)
[docs] def reset(self): """ Clear all loaded or computed data. """ self._S = 0 self._D = 0 self._Ti = 0 self._Ti_cnt = 0 self._TiTv = None self._pM = None self._M = 0 self._M_cnt = 0
[docs] def load_align(self, align, struct): """ Load all sites of align that meet criteria. If there are previously loaded data, they are discarded. This method computes statistics. Data are required to be DNA sequences. :param align: an :class:`.Align` instance. :param struct: a :class:`.Structure` instance. """ if align._alphabet._obj.get_type() != 'DNA': raise ValueError('data must be DNA sequences') self.reset() for i in range(align._obj.get_nsit_all()): self._site.from_align(align, i) self._freq.from_site(self._site, struct) self.load_site(self._freq) self.compute()
[docs] def load_site(self, freq): """ Load a single site. If there are previously loaded data, they are retained. To actually compute the misorientation probability, the user must call :meth:`.compute`. :param freq: a :class:`.Freq` instance. .. warning:: The origin of data must be DNA sequences. This is currently not checked here. """ flag = self._sd.process(freq._obj) if (flag&2) == 0: return if self._sd.Aglob() < 2: return # skip sites that are fixed overall if self._sd.Aing() > 2: return # skip sites with 3+ alleles ingroup if self._sd.Aout() > 1: return # skip sites with 2+ alleles outgroup if self._sd.Aing() == 2: self._S += 1 if freq._obj.frq_outgroup().nseff() > 0: self._M_cnt += 1 if self._sd.Aglob() > self._sd.Aing(): self._M += 1 else: self._D += 1 if self._sd.Aglob() == 2: self._Ti_cnt += 1 if self._sd.global_allele(0) == self._A : if self._sd.global_allele(1) == self._G: self._Ti += 1 elif self._sd.global_allele(0) == self._G: if self._sd.global_allele(1) == self._A: self._Ti += 1 elif self._sd.global_allele(0) == self._C: if self._sd.global_allele(1) == self._T: self._Ti += 1 elif self._sd.global_allele(0) == self._T: if self._sd.global_allele(1) == self._C: self._Ti += 1
[docs] def compute(self): """ Compute :obj:`.pM` and :obj:`.TiTv` statistics. Requires that sites have been loaded using :meth:`.load_site`. This method does not reset the instance. """ self._pM = None self._TiTv = None if self._Ti_cnt > 0 and self._M_cnt > 0: Ti = self._Ti / self._Ti_cnt a = Ti / 4 b = (1-Ti) / 8 if b > 0: self._TiTv = a/b self._pM = ((self._M/self._M_cnt) * a**2 + 2*b**2) / (2*b*(2*a+b))
@property def S(self): """ Number of loaded polymorphic sites. Only the ingroup is considered to classify a site as polymorphic. """ return self._S @property def D(self): """ Number of loaded sites with a fixed difference to the outgroup. """ return self._D @property def TiTv(self): """ Transition and transversion rate ratio. ``None`` if the value cannot be computed (no loaded data or null transversion rate). Requires that :meth:`.compute` has been called. """ return self._TiTv @property def pM(self): """ Probability of misorientation. ``None`` if the value cannot be computed (no loaded data, no valid polymorphism, null transversion rate). Requires that :meth:`.compute` has been called. """ return self._pM